1. At no time are residents (homeowners and renters) allowed to use Visitor parking. They will be towed at their expense. The HOA does not refund tow fees.
  2. Vehicles are never allowed to be parked on the sidewalk or grass areas.
  3. Yard tools, toys, bikes, etc. are not to be left in the front or side yards overnight. The only exception will be when extensive work is being done to the yard (replacing walkways, etc.).
  4. Trash cans must be removed by Wednesday morning. Pickup occurs on Tuesday. Yard debris pickup is on Wednesday.
  5. Dues to the Sheffield Recreation Association are due annually and in December. The HOA does not collect these fees. All correspondence with the SRA should be directed to their manager, Chris Huemmer, [email protected] or their President, Chris Kaloudis, [email protected].
  6. Please keep your lawns maintained. Tall grass tends to invite snakes and other unwanted “creatures”.

The Board established this web site to provide neighbors, residents and visitors with important information about our community. The site can also be used as a single point of information for our everyday life.