Sheffield Homeowners Association

Sheffield Homeowners Association

Established Guidelines

The following guidelines and regulations are published for the mutual benefit and safety of all residents and members of the Sheffield Homeowners Association (hereafter called the Association). The Board of Directors of the Association derives its authority from the applicable provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws of the Association.


Visitor parking

We have asked homeowners (including their renters and/or occupants) not to park in the visitor parking spaces. There are many that still ignore this request so will tow, at the owner’s expense, any vehicles found to be violating this rule. Only a Board Member can request a vehicle be towed from a visitor space. Homeowners can only request a tow from their own assigned spaces.

Trash Can Policy

Plastic trash bags are not allowed to put out the trash. Only lidded trash cans may be used, and the cans may not be stored in the front yard during non-trash collection days. Fines of $40.00 will be applied for those who fail to comply with this policy. Trash cans may be placed out for pickup the afternoon before the scheduled pickup day.

Yard waste/debris can only be placed in the large brown paper bags. The County will no longer except plastic bags. These bags can only be placed in the front of homes the day before a scheduled pickup day. These bags are easily purchased at most hardware stores.

Clear or precise blue plastic bags may be used in or instead of the recycling containers. These bags can be purchased almost anywhere you buy trash bags, and they are also marked as recycle bags. Recycling is encouraged and is also required by Fairfax County.

Any owner or resident found dropping trash or otherwise creating a mess that requires additional cleanup will be fined and charged a cleanup fee.


If you would like to file a complaint against a homeowner or resident, it must be in writing. Please describe the nature of the complaint, time, date, witnesses, or anything that you feel would help resolve the dispute. Please send your letter to our mailing or email address, dropbox, or a Board member. We will then review and notify you if any action is taken. We would appreciate it if you would try to resolve the issue without our assistance, but we realize some situations may need our intervention. Complaints we have received in the past include parking violations, dogs not leashed or residents not cleaning up after their dogs, and damage to HOA property.

Complaints regarding criminal activity or domestic disturbances should be directed to the Fairfax County police.

Finable Offenses

Trash Cans left out 1 day after pickup or placed out too soon.  Pickups are on Tuesdays.

Bags of trash placed out instead of or next to trash cans.

Lawn furniture, toys, tools left in front or side of yard.

Illegal parking (fire lanes, visitor, double) in lieu of tow.

Lack of yard maintenance.

Not cleaning up after your pet or not being leashed while walking.  Allowing your dog to roam in an unfenced area will result in a fine.  All these mentioned items may be reported to Animal Control.